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Internet Banking Security from F&C Bank and Trusteer Rapport!

As a valued F&C Bank customer, we are pleased to offer you Trusteer Rapport.

Trusteer Rapport is an online banking protection software that delivers increased security while you’re using our website to protect confidential information against identity theft and fraud. Trusteer Rapport is highly recommended as an additional layer of security to any anti-virus or security software you already use.

By protecting your internet connection and creating a tunnel for safe communication with your online banking website, Rapport blocks malicious attempts to steal your identity or access your account. The software works in the background without disrupting service, slowing down systems, or interfering with your customer experience.

Trusteer Rapport is offered as a FREE download for our Internet Banking clients.

Click Here to watch the demo from Trusteer.


Q: What will Trusteer Rapport Protect Me From?
A: Criminals are after your money and identity. Inevitably, your online bank account has access to both. If criminals manage to access your online bank account, they can not only access your private information but also transfer money out of your account. Rapport secures client browsers at the point of login to immediately protect you against online theft.

Q: How Much Does it Cost?
A: Rapport is FREE to all F&C Bank Internet Banking Customers.

Q: Will Rapport Slow Down My Computer?
A: No. Rapport works quietly in the background and will not disrupt system speed or operation. It is transparent to customers and employees unless a threat is detected.

Q: I Am A Mac User. Will Rapport Work For Me?
A: Yes! Rapport works on both Windows and Mac systems.

Q: Will Trusteer Rapport Disrupt My Current Security Software?
A: No! Rapport compliments other security software such as Norton Antivirus to further enhance your online experience.



100 banks and 30 million customers are already using Rapport today to prevent online fraud. Trusteer, the security experts behind Rapport, make every effort to ensure Rapport remains constantly updated with the ability to protect you against new and emerging security threats. For more information about how Rapport works and system requirements, visit  Trusteer.*


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Support When You Need It Most

Trusteer operates a 24 hour customer center to help with any questions or issues you may have, with live chat, telephone and email support, all of which can be found at

We care about your security and your customer experience!



*Trusteer may offer a different privacy policy and level of security than F&C Bank. Please read the linked website’s terms and conditions.

F&C Bank and Trusteer are separate legal entities, not affiliated with each other in any way. F&C Bank is not responsible for and does not guarantee products and services offered by Trusteer. Trusteer is solely responsible for customer service support and the performance of Trusteer Rapport.

Contact the bank for more detailed information.